Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational weekend

 Vander's shop in Brooklyn where we holed up every night.

 Stopped by Benji's parents house in Jersey. Then  we hit the Jersey shore which was awesome.
 I liked this view of the show on Saturday. Lot of bikes tons of peeps.
Eric picking flowers in Jersey

We had a hell of a trip up to NYC for the weekend, no sleep all action. We rode up through the night Thurs. and showed up Friday afternoon. Once we were set up at Benjis buddies shop in Brooklyn we took our chances on the streets of Manhattan. I will say one of my favorite parts of the trip was lane splitin at night through downtown. Not everyone will agree with me on that one but thanks to Missa for the hardcore tour. HIt the dice party and then some sleep in the bed of a pickup. 

Saturday woke up fixed the buell brake system and then headed to the Invitational, really crazy part of town, an art gallery in an industrial section. 

More to come...

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